Is this a Learning Organization? LO27357

Date: 10/08/01

Replying to LO27325 --

Dear Rick, Mark and learners,

>6) What can you suggest to grads trying to find a company that has adopted
>aspects of a learning organization?

And, ...

What can one suggest to refugees trying to find a society that has adopted
aspects of a democracy.

And, ...

Does anyone "know" of the input quotients of social science to the 'aim'
or 'guidance' aspect of a Tomahawk missile? If a 'grad' can "address" a
missile from under an ocean, travel hundreds if not thousands of kms over
mountains, through valleys avoiding bus stops with children at it, turn
right at cross roads in town and land on the head of a standing ear of
corn (if there is one;-) in the 'target patch' then these, surely are the
people to find the company you inquire after.

Or maybe...






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