Flat Organizations LO27375

From: Anju (anjupm@vsnl.net)
Date: 10/11/01

Replying to LO27361 --

Hello Darlene

There are various kids of organizational structures - if you do a search on
the web with "organization structure" - u will hit gold :-)
i also have some material as I did some research on this some days back -
flat./hirerachical / matrix / network etc....

so if u want material i gathered, let me know and I can send it to u

Anju Menon
Email :anjupm@vsnl.net
Work Hard, Have Fun, Enjoy !

>LO: Can you aid me in finding information on the various types of
>organizational structures? I.E. Flat versus hierarchical structures.
>Thank you!

>Darlene Stacy Henderson


"Anju" <anjupm@vsnl.net>

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