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From: Dressler, Winfried (
Date: 10/11/01

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Dear Leo,

what an immense scaling in space and time have you not undertaken in your
remarkable picture. Thank you for the effort you have taken for us!

>(also called a hypsographic curve).

I have never heard this word before but I could follow your explanation.
Yet I wondered whether there is an image available on the web, and I found
this link:

It does not only show the hypsographic curve of the world (close to the
top of the site) but presents also images of most of the other topics you
write about, so I wish to recommend it to readers and not yet readers.

>Although the idea of continental drift is already some 100 years old, it
>was only in the early 60's that this theory could be sustained by enough
>observations from all sorts of disciplines. A whealth of data was produced
>after 1956, the International Geophysical Year. This is a year to
>remember. Scientists from all over the world and of many different
>disciplines cooperated, collaborated, searching together in international
>teams, dialoguing and finally publishing (remember it was cold war at that
>time; Americans and Russians were working together!). I could not resist
>the idea that this was possibly an exemple of a supra-learning
>organization, without hierarchy, but of course with a lot of coordination.

The site I have included a link above seems to me to reflect up to today
much of the learning spirit you mention here. Clicking on the home-link
( I arrive at the following

"Welcome to the Seafriends web site for saving our seas. Become a smart
conservationist by learning about our planet, oceans, land and resources,
and what to do.

"conservation by common sense

"Conservation consists of fixing the mistakes of our parents with the
ignorance of ourselves. Conservation is all about changing human

Thank you again and enjoy the link,
Liebe Gruesse


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