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From: Luis Peralta Chirinos (
Date: 10/11/01

Replying to LO27236 --

John Dicus asked :

"What would happen if one took the approach that doing nothing was the
smart path in the aftermath of 09/11/01 since what occurred was the
manifestation of a truly chaotic complex system, and that what happened
will occur at the next appointed time regardless of the actions one might

Hello John :

It is a good question that encourage me to answer :

Although it could see a simple division, I will try to classify the
answers in two :
1) React with violence, and
2) "give the other cheek"

The first answer is being applied for Bush and many american people
support him, or push him?. I do not want to judge this action, but we know
that this brings more violence. We can see the hate between some
Palestinians and Israelis that may be started since Ismael and Isaac, the
Abraham sons. We have many examples in the world history.

The second answer, I think, is not doing nothing. This possibility is more
complex than the other one. Some people can see it as a weakness. What
should this mean for USA ? To talk with Osama ? Is it so naive? Some
people could say that the conversations with terrorist in Colombia are not
fruitful, but, Are they giving the other cheek ?

Have some of you answer a shout with a soft word ? I did it and started to
extinguish the fire.

Some Israeli are ready to give some territory at change of the peace, but
they are few.

Of course, the USA case is not simple but they shoud consider this second
answer. It takes more time and is incomprehensible for some but it is a
way that has long results. Examples : Jesuschrist, Gandhi and others you
can add.

With appreciation

Luis Peralta


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