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From: Richard Karash (
Date: 10/13/01

I was asked:

>I'm taking up a doctoral degree at De La Salle
>University, Taft Manila Philippines.
>I would like to seek help on the instrument I could use for my study
>entitled: "Assessment of leadership behavior of the administrators, and
>teacher skills of the ______ school: A Basis for learning
>organization development program".

I answered:

1) I'm not closely familiar with assessment instruments, but the best
reference I know is DiBella and Nevis...

How Organizations Learn : An Integrated Strategy for Building Learning
    Capability (Jossey-Bass Business and Management Series)
    by Anthony J. Dibella, Edwin C. Nevis (Contributor)

They propose a framework for learning and then an interview structure for
assessing their learning dimensions. I think the work is solid and Ed
Schein has endorsed it.

2) Also, try the Society for Organizational Learning website...

..There was a significant program on assessment for learning; you can
find materials about this at

..enter the community site and "register"... Then search for "Assessment"

3) Search the learning-org site:
  - Go to
  - Click "Advanced Search"
  - Place your search terms (e.g. "Assessment") in the first box,
"Find results... with all the words")
  - In the "Domains" box enter:
  - Click "Google Search"

   -=- Rick


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