Systems thinking and strategic decision-making LO27410

Date: 10/15/01

Dear Learning Org

I am undertaking an investigative report that is looking to link systems
thinking with successful strategic decision-making in organisations. It
seems to me that systems thinking tools such as the five whys, double-loop
learning, and causal loops enable senior management to escape from either
a decision purely by-the-numbers or, at the other end of the continuum, a
decision based solely on political gamesmenship. I am taking a management
accounting perspective to this topic as part of my degree in New Zealand.

Does anyone have any experience with applying systems thinking, and/or its
associated tools as prescribed in Senge's work, to strategic
decision-making within an organisation? I would like to hear any thoughts
you might have on the above hypothesis.

On an unrelated note, is it possible for you to collate all the archived
messages that incorporates a search function as the resource would be
invaluable to systems researchers?

Kind regards,
Elliot Smith



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