Workshop - Depth of Field: Lenses on Organization Development LO27431

Date: 10/18/01

Replying to LO27403 --

Dear Carla and deal learners,

Carla writes that..."Any Organization Development practitioner will tell
you that no matter the situation, there is always more than one approach
that can be used to address business challenges. Consider these approaches
to be lenses that provide a specific depth of field to looking at an
organization. Have you ever wondered what lens is best, why, or when it
should be used? Five professional Human Resources (HR) & Organizational
Development (OD) organizations: ASTD, IHRIM, OCA, SHRM, and SCOE have
collaborated for the first time to bring together experts on different
lenses that experienced OD practitioners use. The program is designed to
be an engaging learning experience for the novice and experienced

Have any of these EXPERTS ever considered the coupling effects or
de-coupling effects of undifferentiated visioning ( as per a lens
((lense)) and de-differentiated visioning on the novice or experienced
professional? The issues involved in UD and DD respectively may become
very relevant to the new world disorder emerging per complexity,
structural coupling and chaos (sic) theory.

Yours confusedly,

Andrew Campbell


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