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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 10/25/01

Dear At, Dear Sandy

In a reply to someone completely different At wrote,

> I hope that you will get many replies from fellow learners because your
> questions are very important.
> I personally think that too little understanding of wholeness will prevent
> the development of a learning organisation. People often assume that since
> they work together in an organisation, there is wholeness in the sense of
> "together"=wholeness. They also often assume that
> "we-act-unitedly"=wholeness. However, these two thoughts are not
> wholeness, but merely assumptions.
> Although "wholeness" is a concept in a person's mind, WHOLENESS itself
> goes far beyond that mind into the physical world as well as the minds of
> other people. Since WHOLENESS is a pattern in all creation, we are able to
> form the concept "wholeness" of it. The trouble begins when we think of
> that concept as something static. WHOLENESS itself is not a picture, but a
> movie. So what happens to WHOLENESS in this movie? It increases! This
> means that we should also try to think in our own minds of "increasing
> wholeness" rather than "fixed wholeness".
> It is exactly in thinking of "increasing wholeness" where most people have
> severe difficulties. The reason is that they have acquired the Mental
> Model that constancy is superior to change. They cannot accept that
> "change-constant" is a complementary dual. Some do escape this Mental
> Model just to land in its opposite Mental Model, namely that change is
> superior to constancy.
> I think that the policy which management will have to take with
> respect to "increasing wholeness" is
> 1) to learn self as much as possible of "increasing wholeness"
> 2) make sure how much "increasing wholeness" has to do with a LO
> 3) BEFORE they expect from their subordinates doing the same.
> Most detrimental would be when management make use of a consultant to
> train their subordinates in wholeness while they self do "management as
> usual". This will not only be a waste of money, but will also increase the
> conflicts in that organisation.

Strange that At's contribution should, IMHO, light up the problem of
problems, to wit I think... if I read him aright... Peter Senge guru among
gurus realizes... "the game is up", (my quotation marks) and largely "over
and out" ;-)...you can all go home ;-) Mmmmmm.

Goethe is becoming flavour of the week, month, year, decade as the gurus
play cultural catchup among themselves ;-) forever among themselves. Most
Americans don't know where Afganistan is... let alone ...so how they're
going to get to know something as ephemeral as a fifth discipline? Mmmmm.

Do the gurus know the story of the doorway conversion to prismaticism? His
entire LOVE of the WHOLENESS of LIGHT under no systemic preconditioning
;-) Methink, methinks and methinks again.

Sandy...be honest, be open with Andrew... I am a mere simpleton... no
Harvardian MBA am I...did you read At's last paragraph before or after you
wrote yours? Mmmmmm. What would the believers, true believers I believe
truly... like Jaworski ...make of this proto presience among us? Mmmmm.

Well, frankly Sandy, At I am too tired to write on Goethe and
light..another day perhaps...but before I go may I put before you this
consideration in this troubled time. Goethe progressed toward his
conception of WHOLENESS in light not by the cutting up refractioning of
Newton but be recourse to pure experience in nature as it and he beheld
each other, openly not closedly. Polarity was his guide, LOVE and HATE he
found purposefull (Passion you might say because he was a far greater
artist than scientist)...fool that he was...and so you too can choose and
your clients can choose and their bosses can choose and the stakeholders
all and shareholders all can choose. LOVE or HATE. Listen up Sandy,
glimpse the future through Goethe's eyes...the eyes of a man who esteemed
painting and drawing above any other accomplishment...of the prism ( as
all isms'-) Goethe looked beyond this and that...with his naked eye he
sees the light, eternal, pure and indivisible. Do you see this light and
if you do then can you bring it forth within and without others?

For all his talk of wholeness dear Goethe would not look below the ground
in researching plants...the earth and roots remain deliberate roots to
him. How strange? We have waited a while for that science of earth and
light and wholeness to emerge in another scientist/artist have we KNOT?

Tell everyone this that is from Goethe's own mouth..." The thinkers sole
((Soul)) possessions are the ideas that spring from within himself; and
just as every apercu that is ours spreads a special feeling of well-being
in our nature, there is a natural wish for others to recognize it as ours,
since only in this way can we seem to be anything. It is for this reason
that controversies over the priority of a discovery are so animated;
strictly speaking they are controversies over existence itself."

( I believe he speaks of becoming/being there...but maybe At will perhaps
disentangle Goethe's singuplexity for us when he has a moment;-)

There is a great corruption at the heart of your perception. Can you see
it Sandy? Do you feel it? What does it say to you deep inside? For example
do you ever see that whenever I type the word "paiting" I always leave out
the letter "n" and have to go back and retype it as "painting"...do you
see the great corruption at the heart of my vision? Mmmmmm....

When as a gigantic old man Goethe slipped finally into his owned paradisio
he was seen to be writing something on his smock, it was the shape or form
of a "W"...his friends could not discern if it meant "W" for Wolfgang or
"W" for world...both would have been appropriate. There is, however an
alternative that occurred to me that it could have been both "were-wauld"
(old-man). The many become one, one become many, the archetype of the
CREATOR aka the... artist in everyman?

Meanwhile the 'illumined ones' continue to charge forty thousand dollars a
day for (their wisdom?)...ho-hum ;-(...

One last thing...Goethe had a profound respect and love of simple
people...like his bookbinder in whom he found mountainous de-light;-) an
opportunity for an "apercu" or ...( a brain flash;-)

Yours in mi(d)st of my many brain<>flashes,

Andrew Campbell



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