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From: Gavin Ritz (
Date: 10/27/01

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Dear All

There are some very key issues that hardly ever (probably never) get
discussed on this LO. These issues effect all organizations and social
systems and individuals. We see these very issues before us now with the
values of Islam and how they constrain and bind their followers (unknown
to them, at present this is the largest collective transference and
displacement human problem on earth).

Unfortunately this is not only a problem of Islam but with all of us
(entire human race) to a greater or lesser degree. Only those more
constrained, respond more violently and seek to be heard, recognized and
liberated. Unfortunately most of those trying to liberate themselves
haven't the FAINTEST idea what they are LIBERATING. Normally it is seen
from something or someone. This is the saddest of all because generally it
is from their own imposed bondage's and from others binding them with
their reflected values imposed by themselves. (generally feudal and
autocratic systems. However because of transference this system comes
about because of the very values that are projected by the people
themselves). If you listen carefully to the Arab TV from the UK these
issues are so clear it is scary.

There key issues are:

Transference or projection
Blame (or scapegoating)

Of the last one I have said so much but unfortunately very few on this LO
chat room have vaguely picked up on this. This is due to denial because of
the mental pain it invokes. I will just very briefly say on the first two
because of Winfried's comment about the concentration camps which are the
massive upshot of the interaction of those first four issues and the last
one but really all.

The issue of transference is so great that almost 99.9% of the population
are totally unaware that it even exists. And those that do know it exists,
battle on a daily basis to accept that it is so because of denial, blame,
fear (motives) and rationalization. Until we all accept transference, have
tools to recognize it we will never get past even the first hurdle to
understand love. Reason LOVE is the biggest candidate of transference.
Those that disagree are free in their personal responsibility to do so but
will never reach first base because they are in denial. A massive question
begs here. Do we have freedom to choose to ignore transference and

Point: Love will never expand intelligence in any meaningful way unless we
understand, recognize the mechanism of transference when and where it
happens to us personally and collectively.

with projected kindest and a love transference

After thought: Those that are interested in this subject can turn to
object relations theory and ego psychology, gestalt theory. But I must
warn you, your most cherished values will be dashed against the rocks that
protect your values of love, agape or otherwise.

"Dressler, Winfried" wrote:

> >I want to ask,
> ...
> >Silence, silence, silence.
> >
> >And the tanks drove into Bethlehem...
> Dear Andrew and all,
> There are words, which may speak to you and other deep caring listeners.
> These words have been experienced and written 1943 to 1944 by four
> hungarian friends, a jewish couple and one jewish and one arian woman. It
> has been translated into english (must have been very difficult), and is
> available from amazon:
> Talking with Angels by Gitta Mallasz (tanslations are available in french,
> german, italian, dutch, spanish and greek)
> "These forces, which came to be known as angels, accompanied them for
> seventeen perilous months, until three of them met their deaths in Nazi
> concentration camps. Only Gitta Mallasz survived to bring their story and
> these remarkable dialogues to the world."
> A report on a very special learning organization inmidst of decay and
> increasing chaos.
> Liebe Gruesse,
> Winfried
> --
> "Dressler, Winfried" <>


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