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Date: 04/08/02

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John Dicus wrote

> I've been thinking about systems another way.
> I invite you to talk about "what is not a system," and "why?"
> I wonder what we'll discover in such a line of thinking?

John's contributions are always very interesting and to the points. A more
formal note of this approach is in Notes on the Synthesis of Form by C.

Henry Mintzberg recently writings about 'ying and yang' of management and
"Why I Hate Flying" and so on are alternatives.

There are infinite possibilities here, say, refer to The Art of
Possibility by Zanders.

The best possible world is ours.

Hanching Chung
June 15, 2002, a conference on Rationality and Intuition
June 15 2003, 3rd conderence on Models and Metaphors


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