One Great Wonder LO28177

Date: 04/08/02

Replying to LO28158 --

Dear At and LO,

>At writes,
>Dear Organlearners,
>Greetings to all of you.
>One great wonder among all wonders is when somebody does not try to
>understand what someone else is saying, but actually understand what
>someone else is trying to say. To say what anybody else knows, but which
>nobody have said before, is a miracle. This is the human (Homo sapiens)
>factor. A computer application can do what a human commands it by
>programming to do, but a human can act according to his/her wisdom,
>something which no programming can do. One great wonder is authentic
>learning -- to seek the path to wisdom once again.
>With care and best wishes

What a strange;-) and magical set of statements;-)

Like :: "When you hear that something you do not know is like something
you do know, you know them both." ( From the later Mohist Canons.




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