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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 04/11/02

Replying to LO28159 --

Dear readers, phiLOsophers of the right life,

I can hear the wind in the wiLLOw as i'm reminded of one of my favorite
philosophers of my youth, Schopenhauer. I do not know the translation in
English of "Die Welt als Wille und Darstellung", perhaps "The organisation
as will and purpose". If i remember correctly - and if not, then it is
another changed chain of thought that might lead to new insights -
Schopenhauer thinks that the whole world is a kind of "force", an energy
field of "becoming", a being becoming, a movement, an evolving evolution.
We cannot escape the will to live, because that IS life. Life must live.
Liv'R us.It is kind of "blind" force that promotes change, for better, for
worse, in sickness and in health, for no other reason than that it (Die
Wille) must, wants, is, or will.

And, perhaps because this "will" creates or owns or develops highly
complex systems, this will, this thing - i'm suddenly remembering the
movie cycle "The Alien" were the will to live is a terrifying thing - has
stumbled on "darstellung", visioning, creating images, mutating
metaphores. We create or develop in our heads all kinds of ideas (like "we
have a free will") and purposes (like "let's have a vision") and models
(like the chemical models you presented) or maps. That is the way we live
our lives. The better the maps, the better we're able to travel the
unknown terrain. The map is not a true map, because it is on a scale of 1
to1: as big as life itself. There can be only one map, for everybody. So
when we go together, before we go, we first have to agree on the different
maps, darstellungs, meanings, purposes, visions. There language seems to
be a great help, once we're beginning to notice the effects language has
on Darstellung. And we ran into a strange bias: there are two ways to
convince another will of our purpose, the quality of your intentions, the
vision of a queste: through argument and through murdering (physically,
but also by removing the capability for learning as in brainwashing,
training etc). the other. Or a combination of the two: argueing why it is
smarter for the other not to think. Substitute the Personal Darstellung
with a Corporate Vision, and hey presto! People will work for you!

I personally belief that any purpose will do the job - the quality of the
purpose determines the quality of your life. Garbage in is garbage out.
We've been prewired for purposes and that the best may win. But watch out
for purposes that use violence or promote the end of critical thinking as
a ways and means to conquer the hearths and minds of people. We've got to
think for ourselves.

Stay aware,


AM de Lange wrote:

> What do you fellow learners think? Are the will and the purpose of a LO
> one and the same thing? If they are different, in what respects would it
> be? How much are the purpose and will related to the mission and vision?
> Finally, is a Shared Vision possible without a "shared will"?


With kind regards - met vriendelijke groeten,

Jan Lelie

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