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From: Barry Mallis (
Date: 04/14/02

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John Discus wrote so wonderfully about his experience with drag racing cars.
He stated that
> Sometimes my car would hang together and the ride would be awesome. And
> sometimes there were parts and dollar bills scattered all over a
> quarter-mile stretch of asphalt. When everything in a system is near the
> edge, it's hard to guess what's going to happen on a regular basis --
> especially with people in the equation (building, interacting, driving,
> etc).

What a spectacular thought for me, John! I am reminded again in this group
about Dostoyevsky's notion (so profoundly described in The Brothers
Karamazov) that when we humans are on the edge of emotional chaos--looking
down into the chasm--we are at a point close to spiritual revelation, or
spiritual collapse. As you say, John, it's hard to guess what's going to

Psychotherapists do, I think, speak in these terms, too.

Thank you so much for your wonderful description which generated
connection making in me.

Warm regards,


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