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From: Webhofer Andreas - Fuchs Sicherheitstechnik (andreas@fuchs-technik.com)
Date: 04/16/02

Dear Sirs,

my name is Webhofer Andreas, I'm from Italy and I'm studying "Management"
at the University of Leicester (UK). As I know that you are one of the
most famous researcher for learning styles I would kindly ask you if you
can send me some informations. I have to present a theory to the following

"Critically evaluate your own style of learning. Discuss what enables and
constrains you from learning effectively and devise a learning strategy
that will help ensure successful learning.

Thank you in advance!!!!!

Many greetings from Italy!!!

Webhofer Andreas
Via Mercato Vecchio 27
39038 San Candido (BZ)


"Webhofer Andreas - Fuchs Sicherheitstechnik" <andreas@fuchs-technik.com>

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