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From: Daan Joubert (daanj@kingsley.co.za)
Date: 04/17/02

   Good morning to LO'ers

   (At least from my time zone!)

   Perhaps of interest to those Learners who are following the discussion
   of purpose.

   A small advert from one our our banks in our daily paper has just
   caught my eye. All it has is a quote from John Fitzgerald Kennedy and
   the logo of the bank. The quote reads,

   "Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction."

   It struck me that a small modification just might be a succinct way to
   state the point I have been trying to make:

   "Effort and learning are not enough without purpose and direction."

   Not that I am the greatest fan of JFK, but there is a saying about
   even babes on occasion coming out with a piece of wisdom.

   Enjoy the day!

   Best wishes

   Daan Joubert
   Thinking of learning and direction
   South Africa


Daan Joubert <daanj@kingsley.co.za>

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