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From: chris macrae (
Date: 04/20/02

Replying to LO28241 --

Jan: Regarding polls:

There are lots of places but Fast Company is interesting because if the
poll gains popularity they occasionally promote it quite heavily, at the
same time polls keep running over many months

At FC you are allowed up to 4 response options; once someone has voted
they can add a comment which is colour coded by the way they voted : and
the comment thread builds up

I must admit I would enjoy launching a poll along the lines of:

-which human discipline originating in pre-digital human behaviours, do KM
people most need to know about
a) Learning Organisation
b) Community of Practice

what would c) and d) be.

One ulterior motive is that over in Europe, the EU seem to be racing ahead
on KM standardisation, and whilst some of CoP's common language seems to
have awareness, I am concerned that LO constructs are not getting equal
voice. It would be good to have a poll where LO came out way ahead, and I
believe that the commentary thread could justify that!

chris macrae

> Nice idea, Chris, having a poll about a LO-issue. Perhaps we can have a
> polLO once or twice a month on an issue concerning the LO. Is this a
> service by the fast company? Is it only a binary poll, or can we have more
> complicated questions?


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