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Date: 04/22/02

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> Do people using various dictionaries in America and/or South Africa recognise
> the distinctions between an 'artisan' an 'artiste' and an 'artist'?

Here in Taiwan, I use The Concise Oxford Dictionary to learn Andrew's
group of related words. Thanks Andrew's reminding. But I still think there
are" only" 80 % of common understanding about the "mastery" or "personal
mastery". For example, in Japan the "craftmanship" or "ownership" concepts
still prevailed and honoured in various organizations.

There are another related themes I am very keen on. They are, how Japanese
and Chinese "react" to the concepts of Learning Organization. I visited
one bookshop in south China last week and had a chance to read some
'second-tier' books on it. I also had a chat with one reader of Peter
Senge's 1990 book and tried to find their learning barriers.

I think we need to invent many new words for Andrew's list related to LO.
Bur perhaps the namings are not so important as long as we really master
the essence of them. Now our heritages of culture are not related to
original "mastership" . I am very interesting on the various learning
experiences in different organizations now.

Hanching Chung


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