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From: Glebe Stcherbina (gstc3416@mail.usyd.edu.au)
Date: 04/23/02

Replying to LO28265 --

Dear Michael and fellow Org Learners,

Thank you for your request. In response to it, you will find, as I have,
thousands of articles posted on the Internet. Moreover, you will find that
"The Learning Organization", can be interchanged with the term
"Organizational Learning".

Through my Doctoral research on "How Work Teams Influence Organizational
Learning", I have found the following sites useful in obtaining an array
of journal articles on both the LO & OL:

(1) http://www.brint.com/journals.htm

(2) http://www.findarticles.com

In relation to other material, the following is an extract references
which I have used to write up my Literature Reviews on my Doctoral topic:

(a) Braham, B. J. (1995) Creating a Learning Organization. (1st ed.).
Menlo Park, California: Crisp Publications Inc.

(b) Franklin, P., Hodgkinson, M. & Stewart. J. (1997) Towards
Universities as Learning Organisations. Paper delivered at the Nottingham
Business School January, 1997.

(c) Garrat, B. (1987) The Learning Organization: and the Need for
Directors to Think. (1st ed.). Hants, England: Gower Publishing Company

(d) Mai, R. P. & McAdams , J. (1996). Learning Partnerships: How Leading
American companies Implement Organizational Learning. (1st ed.). USA:
Richard 0. Irwin.

(e) Nevis, E.C., DiBetla, A.J. & Gould, J.M. Understanding Organizations
as Learning Systems. Sloan Management Review Vol 36 No.2 Winter 1995

(f) Robinson, R., D. "The Learning Organisation." Adult Learning.
March/April 1996 Volume 7. Number 4, pp 16/17

(g) Schein, E. H. (1996). "Three Cultures of Management: The key to
Organizational Learning in the 21st Century." Paper presented to the MIT
Sloan School of Management. [Host's Note: This paper is at
http://www.solonline.org/res/wp/three.html ..Rick]

(h) Senge, P., M. (1990). The Fifth Discipline. The Art & Practice of The
Learning Organization. (1st ed.). Sydney: Random House.

(i) Sugarman, B. (1997). Notes Towards a Closer Collaboration Between
Organization Theory. Learning Organizations and Organizational Learning
in the Search for a New Paradigm. Retrieved December 31, 1997 from the
World Wide Web: http://Iearning.mit.edu/res/kr/Sugarman.html

[Host's Note: The Sugarman article is now at


The MIT systems staff, taking a viewpoint narrower than I prefered, has
simply let the learning.mit.edu site vanish without forwarding people to
the SoLonline.org site as they could have done. In general, urls at
learning.mit.edu can still be found at the same location in
www.SoLonline.org ..Rick]

(j) The Economist Intelligence Unit. (1996) The Learning Organisation.
Managing knowledge for business success. New York, NY: In co-operation
with the IBM Consulting Group.

(k) Willard, B. (1995) 3 Strategies for Learning Organizations. IBM
Canada. Retrieved December 31, 1997 from the World Wide Web:

One final matter which I would like to share with you and other Org
Learners, is my definition of Organizational Learning. I see it as: 'a
learning system within an organization which facilitates and encourages
the integration of individual learning with the learning of other
organizational members in order to improve organizational competencies for
the betterment of the organization as a whole'.

May your learning be enlightened, especially in your beautiful part of the
world of Mauritius.

Kindest regards,
Glebe Stcherbina
Sydney, Australia

AH TOW wrote:


[Host's Note: Glebe, thanks for sharing this reference list. ..Rick]


Glebe Stcherbina <gstc3416@mail.usyd.edu.au>

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