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Date: 04/25/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Ray Harrell <> writes:

>Complexity is usually related to "numbers" in other
>fields but numbers are not helpful in the development
>of musical interpretation. In fact they create a feeling
>of machinelike robotic inhuman expression. It is like
>comparing digital langauge to analogue in recordings.
>What you get in clarity you lose in the density of the
>whole. Some of us would contend that you lose the
>"music" in digital recordings.

Greetings dear Ray,

Thank you for this most valuable comment. There is vast difference for me
between listening to a live performance and a recording of a live
performance (no matter how a good sound system is used). That difference
is far greater than the difference between a digital and analog recording.

It is the same difference between looking at a succulant plant in the
desert and looking in an aridarium (desert house) at the same kind of
plant. In the former case you are within wholeness whereas in the latter
case you have to imagine yourself mentally into that wholeness.

I think, to use the desert as metaphor once again, a master is a person
who roams the deserts rather then keeping at home a pack of desert
snapshots in the pocket.

By the way, that lack of what you call "density" in digital recordings, is
the "pixel" nature of them still coming through. Pushing more bits into a
second of music will reduce some of it, but it will also need more
computing power. The question is -- can all of it be removed by going for
the sky in computing power?

How about any fellow learner trying to answer this question.

There is one other thing I wish to draw your attention to. Numbers need to
be seen by the eyes. We cannot feel, taste, smell or hear numbers. The
human mind, as Goethe long ago observed, is our perception system, relying
on all five sense to operate wholesomely. Should we try to perceive
complexity by numbers alone, we will fail for sure.

With care and best wishes


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