Beware of strange email msgs LO28341

From: Richard Karash (
Date: 04/29/02

Replying to LO28140 --

REPEAT WARNING... Please re-read my April 1 note below... The virus
mentioned ("w32.Klez") is running rampant right now!

Infected computers "out there" are sending the virus in email messages

I am receiving this virus 10x a day!

Reason for SPECIAL CONCERN HERE: My address and
are on many, many computers. If you post msgs on the LO list, your address
will be on many computers. The virus uses a randomly chosen address that
it finds on the infected computer as the "From:" address.

See my recommendations below.

   -=- Rick

>There is a virus out there which could cause difficulty for subscribers
>and authors on the LO list. Because of the specific nature and extra
>danger of this one, I'm taking the unusual step of writing the LO list.
>This MS Outlook/Outlook Express virus appears to have come from a random
>address found on the infected computer. Since my addresses
> and appear on many
>computers, some of the virus-laden msgs appear to have come from me!
>If anyone on the LO list gets the virus, it could easily be sent to
>everyone who has authored msgs here.
>I can identify cases in which it has been sent in messages appearing to
>have come from "learning-org" and from my personal address. This is bad.
>Thank you, Microsoft!
>BEWARE of any unusual message appearing to have come from "learning-org"
>or any other address. Every genuine msg from the list has the LO1234
>number (or the Digest number) in the subject line.
>Here is information on the virus I'm worried about right now:
>That page includes this warning: "Because this worm does use a randomly
>chosen address that it finds on an infected computer as the "From:"
>address, numerous cases have been reported in which users of uninfected
>computers receive complaints that they have sent an infected message to
>someone else."
>I recommend:
> - Do use a virus protection program and keep it up to date
> - Do not use Outlook (This virus propagates even from the preview window!)
> - Do not double click attachments unless you have virus-checked them first
> - Do not open messages that look suspicious
>I take great care here to insure that it is impossible too propagate a
>virus through the LO list.
>If you should get a virus-laden message appearing to have come from any of
>our addresses, a) I want to know, and b) rest assured, it did not actually
>come from me!


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