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From: AM de Lange (
Date: 04/30/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Fred Nickols <> writes:

>Shortly after my freshman year began, I was called
>to a counseling session with my art teacher. He
>informed me that I might someday make a competent
>illustrator but that I would never be an artist. The
>reason he gave was that, although I could faithfully
>reproduce what was in front of me (real or imagined),
>I had nothing to say. There was not in me, according
>to him, the makings of an artist.

Greetings dear Fred,

This teacher overstepped a Law of Teaching. Never, never, never tell any
learner that a certain becoming is impossible. Rather help the learner
with guidance to discover self what is possible.

Many a learner surprised me beyond my wildest expectations.

I am so sorry that it happened to you. But I am so glad that you have told
stories about yourself and especially this one from which we can learn.

Telling a learner that he/she will not become in this or that has the
effect of impairing liveness ("becoming-being") in that learner seriously.
Liveness is one of the 7Es (seven essentialities of creativity). One
becoming lost echoes through the spirit, leading to many lost becomings.

With care and best wishes


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