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Date: 05/02/02

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> hi im nathan and im currently studying in university. im wondering if you
> could possibly help me and email me back relevant information i need and
> would find useful to help me with my coursework.

Greetings WelshBoy,

Without having any clue of what your "coursework" would be, I'd like to
pick-up the challenge, and provide you with something that has a meaning
for you ... meaningfull :o)

To do so, I'll need some INformation ... you know.

But then ... it'll take some time, and the relevance of your request will
have to be re-questioned ... you know.

And then, other voices will join in ... this is how it goes ... you know.

You can find IT and All in ...
Public Dialog on Learning Organizations -- <

 ... this is Ourstory, you're most welcome to join,

Judy Tal


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