The 'position' as I see it;-) LO28444

Date: 05/09/02

Replying to LO28440 --

Dear LO,

What, please, is this 'retainer'? Would i ;-) ? For example find one
nesting in a hedge with "Bucket" out on our morning walks?

Debbie, a few years ago an enterprising Swede (a 'national' not a
'vegetable') wired up an office plant to some software, each day according to
the electronically sensed outputs of the plant in its environment it
ambiently selected, bought and sold stocks and shares. Over a fiscal year it
outperformed the leading analysts by results and the exchange itself. Looking
at the far sightedness of for example, pension arrangements and other
bona-fide fiscal products here in the UK I'd say... write a nice letter to
the Royal Horticultural Society.

Look, listen and learn... save your client company some money. Give all
employees a full half a day off on full pay to follow any skill or basic
learning pursuit/project that they choose, some may choose to be with
their children, others pursue the differing degree of altruism afforded by
a suffering world. Give it a year and see if things happen. IN the
meantime send the CFO on a sabbatical to a desert and wire up that Yukka
plant. Go do it Debbie Braun, NOW!


> Date: Wed, 08 May 2002 16:02:41 -0400
> From: Debbie Braun <>
> Subject: Chief Learning Officer position LO28440
> I am an executive search consultant on retainer for a large financial
> services institution. We are looking for a CLO who will report to the CEO
> of this very forward thinking company. We are looking for a seasoned
> executive who has the depth and breadth of experience to formalize an agenda
> for corporate learning and development and the credibility to implement it.
> Please contact me to discuss the position in greater detail.
> Regards,
> Debbie Braun
> (p)973-740-0459
> (f) 973-716-0607


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