Hard Work and Efficient Management = Success? LO28476

From: Jan Lelie (janlelie@wxs.nl)
Date: 05/13/02

Replying to LO28456 --

Hello Alan,

The book perhaps also suggest that we should have both, balancing each
other: - authority and management for efficient an effective development
(This is the combination of Unitair - or blue - thinking and Sensory - or
red - working) - creativity and self-management for creative and committed
developments (This is the combination of Mythic - yellow - creating and
Social - or green - behaving)

All (ALL) ways of thinking and behaving allways when carried out to the
extremes are in every way destructive - National Socialism, Communism,
Imperialism, The Cultural Revolution, Capitalism, to name a few - too much
emotions, too much ratio, too much mindless work of too much creative
destruction leads to nothing.

What are the early warning signs of too much hard work and efficient
management? Successes!
What are the early warning signs of too much creativity and chaotic behavior?


Alan Cotterell wrote:

> I've just read a fairly old book about science and social relations.
> There was a chapter in it about the development of science in Germany
> under the twentieth century Prussian fuedal social system. It was pointed
> out that under this authoritarian regime scientific development was
> enhanced and new ideas adopted into industry quickly, however new
> discoveries actually decreased significantly. The book also (in 1905)
> pointed to the opportunity in Germany for a despotic politician to rise
> and bring the system to ruin.
> I suggest there is significant risk in the association between science and
> authoritarianism, this has already been proven once. Bring on
> participation.


With kind regards - met vriendelijke groeten,

Jan Lelie

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