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From: Barry Mallis (
Date: 05/15/02

Replying to LO28480 --

I would love to see this picture of "How We Become Angels."

You wrote, Dear Andrew, that
"...Sheldrake's innovation was to see these fields as
themselves evolving along with the forms which they produce." Yes.

We pin down an instance, a moment, a wave of light in an experiment where
the light is traveling faster than "itself"--faster than SEE;-), and when
we capture it, change from that state of capture has already occurred, be
it entropy or creation. Heidegger's principle?

And what do these tyrannosaur-ical souls "hold" in their jawful embrace?
Does their very supra-existence play havoc with theories of entropy? Are
there measures which we, in physical life, will never ever be able to
measure, like postulated "dark" matter, measures which confute I-deas?

So. Evolving along with the forms they produce, eh? Senge would like that.
Reinforcing causal loops which burst like weed seed pods and spread into
every manicured lawn, no matter the herbicide spread out . Or are they
perhaps balancing loops whose high-wire act we gasp at on this list
without knowing the circus in which we're seated?

Bring on the clowns!




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