Consulting Resources LO28522

Date: 05/16/02

This message is to the consultants on this list.

We may have need of subcontracting resources over the next several months
for people (preferably) in the Chicago to Milwaukee area with
manufacturing operations experience and knowledge about:
 - Lean/flow manufacturing
 - Process redesign/re-engineering (operational processes for the most
 - Business team development (effectiveness)

We have our own methodologies for doing each of the above. Typically we
work with internal teams of client personnel on our projects and provide a
blend of facilitation and expert knowledge in our engagements. Over time
we impart our expertise to the client so they can do this type of work
(improvement) more independently. If you are interested, please do not
respond to the whole list. You can reach me at:

Michael Bremer
The Cumberland Group
630-789-8262 direct

PS Alan Cotterell's comment on Wisdom strikes a cord:
"I suspect wisdom is the ability to know when to keep one's opinions to one's
 I certainly don't have it."

I love neither! Hard to keep the trap (mouth) shut, but when I
manage to do so, sometimes (not always) I learn a lot.


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