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From: AM de Lange (amdelange@postino.up.ac.za)
Date: 05/20/02

Replying to LO28540 --

Dear Organlearners,

Andrew Campbell < ACampnona@aol.com > writes:

>At, you surprise me. You came here to us looking
>for solutions to this family's problems, and yet you
>know full well it is not to be found anywhere here.

Greetings dear Andrew,

I ask for advice because i believe that our LO-dialogue is capable of
generating such advice. It may seem as if i myself and my dear wife are in
despair too because of asking advice. It is not so since i belive that
creative learning will make the difference, even if it has to come from
our LO-dialogue. Meanwhile, in our parish we intend to beging with a
"tacit LO" (like our Bible study group is acting as one) in a cellular
manner. We hope to draw this famliy into one of the "tacit LO cells". But
it takes a long time to change people's hearts significantly by deeds
rather than telling which is anyway useless. We have been working for
several years on it and expect to work another tow years before we will
make a perceivable contribution in our community.

>Someone you also know;-) who does good beneficial
>work in the third world once asked me why I spent so
>much time and energy here...Mmmmmm, I am starting
>to ask myself precisely that same question. For sure if
>I had directed one thousandth part of that free-energy
>toward your family you would not need to be writing
>now on their behalf.

Then please, please spend "one thousandth part of that free-energy"
towards this family and tens of thousands like them in our province
Gauteng alone. One of the biggest problems is that the world promised
South Africans massive investments once it got rid of apartheid. These
promises never materialised. In stead their money organisations pull the
strings firmer and whenever they can speculate against our money market,
they do it without conscience.

>Last year I created an image with the title: Different
>journeys of different people - absorbed, lived, embodied,
>care and concern. No14 Gosh! what a long title is it knot;-)

Part of the problem here is that people are told incessantly that they
have to get trained so that they can fill an open job. Learning to be a
creative artist for the power (free energy ;-) derived from it rather than
for any money making is consider to be the "pie in the sky".

As i see it, this family is in deep trouble because our country is in deep
trouble. Our country is in deep trouble because the rest of the world is
in deep trouble. The family knows they are in deep trouble. Our nation
knows it is in deep trouble. That is one of the reasons people do not want
to invest in South Africa. When a South African speaks of deep trouble
here, then the truth has been spoken. But i wonder whether the rest of the
world knows it is in deep trouble too.

For example, later this here the UN's world congress on a
sustainable economic development will be held here in South
Africa. Some fifty thousand delegates indicated that they will
attend the congress. The tragedy is that most of the money which
they will be spending here, will go into the pockets of the rich.
Imagine all the jet fuel they will burn up to get together here.
Imagine all the car fuel they will burn up here driving around.
Imagine all the electricity delivered by coal fired power stations
they will use up. I will certainly not invest in any country which
is sending delegates. As you write, dear Andrew:

>You are, we are in vast degree so far as this blind
>and idiot artist can see bereft. You cannot see what
>is coming. You cannot feel what is coming.

This is the problem of this family and many thousands like them. Ten years
ago, in the dying of apartheid, they could not see and feel what is coming
to them. (I had such a vision and feeling. It was so intense that i will
now announce in public that i wanted to commit suicide. My dear wife saved
me just in the nick of time.) Now these thousands of families see and feel
it, try to change it, and find themselves incapable of doing it. Many
hundreds of thousands of rich and learned enough people have emigrated to
the very countries which you say cannot see and feel what is coming. In
these countries they got confort of mind once again as many write in
letters to our news papers.

My problem is this family NOW, not as it was ten years ago, but in a South
Africa NOW and a world NOW. They feel like fighting a losing battle
against poverty and they are almost daily informed of billions of others
also fighting a losing battle. It is only, as they perceive it, the
learned rich who can save themselves in a selfish manner. In the days of
apartheid the "learned rich" were mostly among whites. Now also a fair and
growing portion of them are among the blacks. This sends out a most
dangerous message! Learning favours the people to get rich, not the colour
of their skin, their sex or religion. It was this message which was the
very reason for the burning of the great Bibliotheca of the School of
Alexandia. It may happen again, but in this case on a world wide scale.

Thank you Andrew for your help. Please, let us keep it under the topic
"Motivation to Learn when in Despair" even when you think it is rather the
"ravings of man", perhaps yourself ;-)

With care and best wishes


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