Journal of Management Studies, TOC: June 2002 LO28569

From: Emery, Brant (
Date: 05/21/02

Edited by Karen Legge, Robin Wensley and Timothy Clark

Volume 39:4 (June 2002)
Table of Contents:
1. Learning In A Constellation of Interconnected Practices: Canon or
Dissonance? Silvia Gherardi and Davide Nicolini

2. Managing An Organizational Learning System By Aligning Stocks and Flows
Nick Bontis, Mary M. Crossan, and John Hulland

[Host's Note: Nick Bontis has been a contributor here on LO. ..Rick]

3. Work Relationships in Telephone Call Centres: Understanding Emotional
Exhaustion and Employee Withdrawal
Stephen Deery, Roderick Iverson, and Janet Walsh

4. Innovation, Identities and Resistance: The Social Construction of An
Innovation Network
Denis Harrisson and Murielle Laberge

5. Business To Business Exchanges: A Rich Descriptive Apparatus Derived
>From Macneil's and Menger's Analyses
Keith Blois

6. The Emotional Labour of Barristers: An Exploration of Emotional Labour
By Status Professionals
Lloyd C. Harris

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