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From: Richard Karash (
Date: 05/24/02

Dear Friends --

I'm please to announce two open-enrollment courses in Organizational
Learning. These are being offered by the Leadership Development Academy of
The Graduate School, USDA, in the Washington DC area and have been
engineered so that the total cost of attendance is quite reasonable.

Systems Thinking: A Language for Team Learning and Leadership, two days,
July 16-17, 2002, Washington DC, facilitated by me, $800 tuition.

Organizational Learning Core Competencies for Learning Leaders," three
days plus an evening, Oct 29 - Nov 1, 2002, Easton MD, which I facilitate
with Beth Jandernoa, $1750 tuition.

See the web pages for complete information and registration in these
programs, or you may contact me.

The remainder of this message is a brief on the Systems Thinking Program.

   -=- Rick

Systems Thinking: A Language for Team Learning and Leadership

Brief Description

The purpose of this two-day intensive program is to develop Systems
Thinking skills for practical everyday use. Participants will gain an
increased capacity to assist work teams that need to understand complex
problems together. The Core Competencies courses of the USDA Graduate
School and the Society for Organizational Learning provide a basic
introduction to Systems Thinking. This course carries the subject to a
deeper level of mastery. The course will be facilitated by Richard


Either the 3-day USDA Graduate School program "Organizational Learning
Core Competency Course for Learning Leaders" or the Society for
Organizational Learning "Core Competencies Course." Both include the "Beer
Game" and Systems Thinking work including the system archetypes. Other
pre-requisite programs might include the team learning lab program or
specifically designed learning lab programs conducted for your agency,
which included an introduction to systems thinking and the five

Program Objectives

Participants in this two-day Systems Thinking program will have:

 - Increased skills for understanding the causes and dynamics of
performance and phenomena (good and bad).

 - Skill in the vocabulary and diagramming for communicating about
systems: causal diagramming, use of the system archetypes in practical
settings, ability to use the Systems Thinking process in addressing
complex work issues.

 - Progress on current work issues through class exercises and group

 - Increased capacity to help work teams understand complex problems.

Course Costs and Accommodations:

Tuition Costs: $800.00 The tuition includes lunches and breaks.

Dates: Program will begin at 8:30 on July 16, 2002 and end at 4:30 on
July 17, 2002.

Location: Washington, D.C., downtown. The specific location to be

To register: Go to: (that's "el dee a") or
call 202-314-3580.


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