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From: chris macrae (wcbn007@easynet.co.uk)
Date: 05/26/02



I wondered whether anyone had comments on this draft storyline. Like all
plots, the first level to critic is its credibility and simplicity. The
more challenging level is: could this give professional associations you
care about permission to form the right sort of open community for change
leadership and corporate valuation responsibility?


chris macrae, wcbn007@easynet.co.uk
www.valuetrue.com (opens june)

community scripts for making organisations measurable as human
relationship systems; open source sponsorship by Associations including
Chief Brand Officer Association

SIGS (296)
Special Interest Groups within professional associations may turn out to
be one of the most important organisational dynamics of the decade. Broad
threads supporting this claim are:
 - Opinion leaders from President Bush down are appealing for a
reformation in corporate responsibility

 - This will involve change activism at the core and grassroots of all the
most high powered business professions.

 - The change we need in the human-relationship professions like
marketing, personnel and Learning Systems is to revolt against being
trodden down by the administration professions until the latter agree that
the rules they write as laws or scores of corporate performance need full
and open review.

 - All administrative rules hide assumptions. What strategists, economists
and policy makers are calling an intangibles crisis - representing 85% of
the flow of value in worldwide companies - boils down to value flows
involving highly connective and dynamic property rights, whereas numbers
arithmetic is a form of precision which only applies to things that are
separable and static. To rule companies by numbers alone is like saying
that the most humanly innovative processes, inspirational learnings and
breakthrough actions are lifeless things.

 - Assumptions that were perfect before the knowledge and internetworking
age need reviewing. This review should be open to all concerned, not the
proprietary right of separate professions. Today's most urgent
professional work has an interconnecting responsibility, which ascends up
to the way that leaders behave, power is deployed and ultimately
civilisation works.

 - SIGs provide the networking means for a profession to question itself.
To unlearn the most outdated precisions and to restore faith in serving
human beings first. To listen and observe from the grassroots consequences
of a profession, and to feedback any unintended inhumane impacts back up
to the logics, where we must identify the unlivable assumptions. This is
where professional responsibility and irresponsibility lies.


"chris macrae" <wcbn007@easynet.co.uk>

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