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From: Fred Nickols (
Date: 05/28/02

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Responding to Shadrack Lepuru in LO28605 --

The research base for the McKinsey 7-S framework is described briefly in
the Acknowledgements section of a 1981 book titled "The Art of Japanese
Management,'" written by Richard Pascale of Stanford and Anthony Athos of
Harvard. The usual McKinsey characters are there (e.g., Tom Peters, Bob
Waterman and Julian Philips). Pascale and Athos, if they're still around,
should be good sources of research information regarding the 7-S
framework. McKinsey & Co should have some additional information as well.
Given Athos' involvement, I would think that the Harvard Business School
should have some cases pertaining to the framework.


Fred Nickols
"Assistance at a Distance"


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