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From: Don Dwiggins (
Date: 07/07/02

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chris macrae writes:
> Subject: what are the simplest system rules of learning organisation which
> numbers men might find most counter-intuitive?

Here's some "random synaptic sparks":

Not sure if it meets your criteria, but it sounds like the basic "quality
paradox" might apply: improving quality often reduces costs, rather than
increasing them.

Also on the quality theme, the old lament "why is there never enough time
to do it right, but always enough time to do it over?" has a variant that
I like: "If you're not going to have enough time to do it over, take the
time to do it right". (I like it not so much as literal advice, but as a
kind of koan that gets one thinking about the issues.)

Finally, I remember a saying of John Wooden, one of the coaching legends of
college basketball: "other things being equal, the team that makes the most
mistakes will win".


Don Dwiggins "Solvitur Ambulando"

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