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Date: 07/12/02

Dear dependables;-)

In a nutshell...

"That which seems to be wealth may in verity be only the gilded index of
far-reaching ruin....."
            ---John Ruskin, Unto this Last, 1862.
During last summer I spontaneously began creating small, intimate abstract
paintings occasionally sharing some of the results as image files with
long suffering friends.

" The circle of conditioned human existence is called samsara, which is
visualized as a perpetually spinning wheel of existence driven by
relentless causation and pervaded by unsatisfactoriness. There are many
vivid traditional images for samsara, a ship lost at sea in a raging
storm, a deer trapped in a hunters net, animals racing before a blazing
forest fire."
Varela Rosch and Thompson The Embodied Mind, Chapter 6. Selfless Minds.

At insideoutsidetopandbottom the leverage point is positied at ...- Not
automatically going from craving to grasping and all the rest. (Ibid)
Attaining such enables opening into a new field. ... and OPEN field ...
co-dependently arising (emerging) ...

Cast backward again...No event can be beyond expectations,
fear contradiction, or compel surprise, for Zeus,
father of Olympians, has made night at full noon,
darkness mid the brilliance of the sun-
and pale fear has seized men.
Henceforth nothing for them is certain:
one may expect everything,
and none among you should be astonished to see,
one day, the deer, preferring the sonorous tides
of the sea to the land,
borrow from the dolphins sea pasture,
while the latter plunge into the mountains.

Archilochus, 700 BC

No.14 "Different Journeys of different people
Absorbed, lived, embodied, care and concern."
Scharmer & Varela

Citation from Beamish posting in another place;-)

...Example: (from a previously published, C/R, suggested scenario):

1. A mother cetacean "Meg" (from Megaptera for "giant wings") shares
biological rhythms, both before and after the birth of "Nova."
2. Meg instructs Nova to produce a short "click" (in cyclical KT) at the
"OnTime Window" of a common synchronized rhythm.
3. Meg directs a Physical Space separation of x km.
4. Meg receives Nova's "OnTime" clicks, but now they are "Late" to her (in
Time KT), by x/v units of conventional time t, where v is of an approximate
constant value (the velocity of sound in sea water).
5. Meg enters both her "OnTimeness" and Nova's "Lateness" into a new "set" of
biological clocks, whereby the magnitude of said Lateness represents the
Physical Space of the separation.
Until this time there is no paradigm shift and the physics of the
communication is well understood. Next, however, comes Meg's conversion from
Physical Space to RBC Space, a phenomenon seemingly verified by some human
communications evidence, especially between identical twins.
6. Meg "forces" (biochemically), the above Lateness (in cyclical "Time KT",
not in linear "time ct"), of x/v on one clock, into her OnTimeness, on
another clock.
7. Provided that Nova's information is encoded in Time (the very definition
of RBC), and not in signal (non temporal variables of the click, somewhat
similar to much of human language), then the RBC Space can reduce to what was
the Physical Space after synchronization but before separation. Mother and
calf can communicate (provided that the click is received), as if they were
side by side, and the reduction in x is only dependent on the biophysical
speed of the receiver's clock rotation. Such communication works identically
in both directions, and additionally between organism groups.

1. RBC could account for Carl Jung's "collective unconscious."
2. The two clocks of item 6 could be m/e travelling along two protein
strands (uprights) of a DNA/RNA "twisted ladder."
3. These RBC clocks could be in: a) conscious mind ("involved with the
architecture of a central nervous system"), or b) in any other living cell,
involving itself with the RBC (perhaps definable as "unconscious mind," ref.
"TIME" book), or both.
4 The Kitada Time "forcing" of Lateness into OnTimeness could be generated by
m/e path differences, possibly utilizing "ladder rungs" (nucleotides) to
change path lengths and thus alter clock readout.

end citation from Peter Beamish

A common theme during the year of pictures was angels, so I befriended
some people who would speak and listen with me about angles of angles, at
some point in space/time a whale became an angel...Plato said that
children start to learn in the womb....well, really, what is the world but
a womb.

There is, in my understanding of human creativity/expression a fundamental
subject from the Oceanic is about entrapment and release...a
pattern of patterns worth looking for...emergence;-) ?


Andrew Campbell
St Clements ;-)


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