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From: Barry Mallis (theorgtrainer@earthlink.net)
Date: 07/12/02

Replying to LO28827 --

Dear Andrew,

You wrote about how

> Sometimes Americans will openly speak to me regretfully of not having a
> sense of deeper territorial placement, and I sense their longing for that
> deeper connection. It is a strange kind of field effect to be felt around
> here;-)...just a few days ago I picked up a flint tool from a neolithic
> artisan, looks like a half finished butchering implement...to take it in
> one's hand and look at it, maybe the first hand to grasp it for five, six
> thousand years...is a strange opening indeed;-)

There are among us Americans (I count myself one of these) individuals who
have grasped native American tools; who have learned about such peoples'
lighter and darker sides; who have breathed in the vastness of space,
calm, and connection of some of these people.

After arriving and actively or passively slaughtering the Americans, some
emigrants from other continents broke with their notion of superiority
over those who were here already. They listened, reviewed their feelings,
empathized, learned. Beyond the kitsch of native collectables, in the
spirit of a circle, deeper placements have been uncovered for those who
care ;-) to observe.

Jung was invited into the ceremony, but had to sit outside the circle. As
the pipe was passed around, one elder arose, walked to him and said, "The
trouble with you Europeans is that you think only with your head. You have
to think here, too," pointing to his heart.

With love,


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