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From: Don Dwiggins (d.l.dwiggins@computer.org)
Date: 07/13/02

Replying to LO28768 --

At, Andrew, thanks for the replies that wove new associations onto my

>> Here we have two associations, one between the mind
>> and the body.spirit, and one between the mind.body
>> and the spirit. The "=" says that the results of the two
>> "acts of associating" are the same. Do you think this is
>> true? Personally, I like the question better than any
>> answer that I've come up with.

> I think that preferring the question rather than the answers points to
> fact that you have not yet articulated your tacit knowing on this
> associative pattern of wholess with respect to body an the one side and
> spirit on the other side.

Actually, I think it points to the fact that my "tacit knowing" is still
turning the thing over and over, like a Chinese puzzle, looking for the
right first place to push... and that I'm in no hurry to "force" an
articulation. This is an example of what I sometimes call my
"methodological agnosticism". (Also, I have the body in the middle, which
is the fascinating and puzzling thing for me. I've been playing with the
"fit" between the concepts "mind" and "spirit" for a while now, and along
comes Andrew and throws "body" right smack in the middle -- and then tells
me to paint them all together! Thanks again, Andrew, that stepped up the
entropy production a fair bit!!)



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