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From: Jim Marshall (
Date: 07/15/02

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I have followed what we all did with this one and even threw a few pebbles
into the pond myself. Sorry folks, but I don't think we have scored an
"A". Let's hope the student did.

Much of the responses were instances of us going straight to conclusions -
established "knowledge" or opinion on the topic. After a kaleidescopic
display of diverse perspectives - it's all settled into a stable array of
opinions, with no momentum left - but unfinished, I believe.

So I want to suggest a research agenda and invite everyone else to add to
it. Let's see if we can agree on what is to be on it.

RESEARCH 1: The quote from Senge conveys a very particular image: that of
an organisation on the one hand - and, on the other hand, the host of
individuals within it. My research agenda starts right there. An
alternative image is that of the organisation as comprising infoprmation/
learning hubs and nodes, these being groups of individuals. refer say,
Albert-Laszlo Barabasi on networks:

RESEARCH 2: I don't know what to assume about the correlation, if any,
between these information/ learning hubs-n-nodes and organisationally
recognised work groups. So let's find out.

RESEARCH 3; Is Malcolm Gladwell's broad "Tipping Point" model applicable
for how information and learnings are disseminated:
a) amongst the individuals
b) up into the organisational culture.

RESEARCH 4: How free is ANY individual in the organisation to learn and
propogate ANYTHING AT ALL RELEVANT to the organisation;s interests), given
that individual's relkative relationship with (including membership in) a
node and/or a hub?

Maybe that's enough for now - comments please?

Jim Marshall
Brisbane Australia

--- Richard Karash <> wrote: >
>Let's help an inquiring student! I received this
> request, and I think it's
> an interesting topic!
> Maybe we can get an "A"!
> -=- Rick
> >I am currently undertaking post graduate studies
> and was
> >wandering if you could assist me with any
> information, ideas and opinions
> >you may have on the Essay question below.
> >I would be very grateful for any assitance.
> >'Organisations learn only through individuals that
> learn. Individuals'
> >learning does not guarantee organisational
> learning. But without it no
> >organisational learning occurs.' Senge, Peter,
> 1994, The Fifth Disipline,
> >Page 139


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