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From: Roy Greenhalgh (
Date: 07/16/02

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One critical area that colleagues and I have noticed more and more is the
complete lack of understanding of (the theory of) variation in most
aspects of business. Governments compare one quarter's statistics with the
previous. Companies torture spreadsheet software to create the most
ludicrous comparisons of months, quarters and years. Schools and
hospitals compare year-on-year results (with different sets of students)
and waiting times for operations in the least intelligent of ways.

If only they could show a simple behaviour-over-time graph, and a chart
showing variation, it would be a start.

I have looked at some of the curricula of colleges and universities in the
UK and have found only one school where variation and SPC are taught.
And sadly, the students are taught that SPC applies to manufacturing only!

Roy Greenhalgh

Walter Derzko wrote:

> My questions to you are:
> 1) Is a similar program being offered anywhere else at the college or
> university level ? ( why reinvent the wheel?)
> 2) Is there a syllabus available?
> 3) What would you suggest as other topics for courses?
> 4) Are the 7 courses /workshops enough to give you a solid grounding?
> would you include something else?
> 5) What are some of the must have tools , methods or concepts that could
> be included in this course?


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