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From: ADM Staff (
Date: 07/17/02

Hi there,

I'm Eric Sommer, CEO of Advanced Data Management, and a new member of the
learning organization list. I'm writing to invite all interested members
of the learning list to consider becoming active participants - and
perhaps even partners - in our early-stage development program for the
World Wide Outline (WWO) technology. (An early prototype client for both
browsing and authoring WWO datastructures is available to you as a
download from )

The World Wide Outline (WWO) concept may be thought of as a new
internet-based service with the potential for superior ability for all
users - including organizational users - to access, organize, interlink,
publish, share, and collaboratively use information. It has, in fact, the
potential to subsume both the current world wide web and email and other
services within a superior - and easier to use - way of navigating and
working with information.

Currently, our company is running a series of private inhouse tests of WWO
outline/datastructure linkage over the internet using our "ADM: The
Knowledge Management Desktop" product as the client for browsing,
authoring, interlinking, and publishing the outlines (which can also link
and display webpages, all other file types, and internal documents as

You can read an overview of ADM version 1.0 and download it at for desktop use, though this public version of the
program does not at this stage work with the WWO, which is currently
accessable by invitation only.

ADM 1.0 - the current public version - includes powerful outlining
capabilities', drag-and-drop of web page and file links to outline topics;
and **an internal web browser and internal docoument screens**. (Version
2 of ADM, which will begin coding in approximately one month, will add
full WWO capability, as well as an additional classic outliner view of the
data, and database style project management featurers, and much else, to
the basic client.)

Full interlinking of ADM/WWO outlines - also called datastructures - is
already available in the standard version of ADM for local use on your own
machine. Try the menu command `Topic/Link to External Datastructure' to
experinece the power of inter-connected ADM datastructures/outlines on
your own desktop - inter-linking power coming soon for use over
organizational networks and the internet!

Meanwhile, if you want to participate, please download the experimental
version of ADM prepared for the WWO tests from When you open the adm.exe file,
you should find yourself in the ususal initial ADM screen from one of the
included sample files, *except* that you should also see a topic labelled
`Access to World Wide Outline'.

Just click the right-arrow pointing link in this topic, and - provided
your system is internet enabled - you'll find yourself surfing the
experimental WWO. (Be sure you are in `navigation mode' - i.e., that the
cursor is not inside a topic, when you click the link. Hit escape key
once or twice if you need to escape `edit mode'.)

To determine how to navigate and author datastructures with ADM, you can
use the program's comprehensive context-sensitive help for virtually all
functions and screen objects - just click an object and then view the
right mousebutton menu item `What's this?" to determine what an object is
and how to use it.

If you feel adventurous, you can also set up your own `O-site' on any
webserver, and all ADM files there can not only be interlinked with one
another, but you can - just by using drag and drop - interlink those files
with ours or those of any other WWO experimenter. (Please also send us a
URL for your index.adm file so we can link our online outlines into

In addition, we will shortly establish a special O-server with the domain , and will probably make space and facilities
available free of charge there to testers such as yourself.

Finally, if you decide to join the WWO test, please let me know!

Enjoy! Eric

P.S. Please remember, you must use the new experimental version of ADM for
WWO surfing; the old version does not work for this purpose. PPS.

P.S. Here's our contact information:
email me:
email my partner Arne Hermann:
Phone me (I'm in South Korea at the moment: 82-16-638-3408 - please remember time difference - we're 14 hours ahead of you on the clock.)
Phone our office in North America - Arne in Vancouver Canada: 604-682-4144.

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