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From: Peter Westerhof (p.westerhof@lixus.com)
Date: 07/23/02

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From: Jan Lelie [mailto:janlelie@wxs.nl]
Sent: vrijdag 19 juli 2002 21:23
"Knowledge Management" - in my view - is not about knowledge, but about
managing people. But "Learning Organisation" is not about learning, but
about organising. etc.

Is it? I like to take a 'meta-view'.

Knowledge Management is about 'knowing how to know' and 'learning how to
know better'. A 'Learning Organisation' is about 'learning how to learn'
and 'learning how to learn better'.

In effect they are the Ying and the Yang of Change.

Change Management is about 'learning how to change' and 'learning how to
change better'. As a Change consultant I can only *help* people not
*force* them.



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