Measuring Employee Alienation LO28908

Date: 07/26/02

Replying to LO28898 --

Greetings, Suneeta!

I am not familiar with any "standard" instrument for measuring employee
alienation. Among my favorite frameworks, though, is the set of
characteristics I first ran across via Seeman (1983) and Watkins, (1991,
Knowledge and control in the flexible workplace). It describes 4
characteristics -- powerlessness, meaninglessness, social isolation, and
self-estrangement, among other things. Is also similar to what Omar
Aktouf has written about over the years (e.g. 1992, Management and
theories of organizations in the 1990s: Toward a critical radical
humanism) of the Marx early understanding of power and control at work.

Welcome to the list, and good luck with your project!

Terri A. Deems, PhD
WorkLife Design


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