The Transparent Workplace LO28933

Date: 07/30/02

Replying to LO28924 --

Perhaps this is old stuff to most of you, (or I should check the LO
archives!), but I've had a long interest in "transparency" within
organizations but know very little specificially about them (particularly
in terms of what people at work experience within such workplaces -- have
little interest, I suppose, in what the designated leaders are intending
for people to experience).

Wanted to dig into this a bit more, following Chris' recent LO

> We who are transparency professionals have a dream. One day, sooner than
> some would credit, the truth of what organisations do to people will be so
> simple to see that evil organisations will be ignored until they disappear
> like Cheshire cats without a smile, and people will invest their time,
> money, knowledge, guts and souls in organisations that do good and make a

I am familiar with only 2 organizations that have been described as
transparent -- Semco, in Brazil, and Cascades, in Canada. Can any of you
add to this list? And how is "transparent" being defined? In the 2
companies I've mentioned, their transparency is illustrated, for example,
by the fact that anyone within the co. can speak to the press at any time
about the company -- internally or externally, they hold no secrets, and
conduct themselves as a business in a way which will not lead to public
embarrassment, etc. Transparency would also include things like open book
management, I presume.

What can others share?

Terri A. Deems, PhD
WorkLife Design


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