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From: AM de Lange (
Date: 09/03/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Chris Klopper <> writes

>Heidi and Dan made this gem of a contribution:
>>Yesterday evening I saw a video presentation,
>>"Forgive for Good," featuring Dr. Fredric Luskin ...

Greetings dear Chris,

I agree.

Thank you very much Dan for bringing this under our attention.

>If perchance our friend Robert (Mugabe) lurks around
>on this list please make sure he gets a special copy with
>compliments of the local (Southern African) agricultural

Chris, hate will ultimately make even the sanest patriot completely crazy.

We will not find him and others of a similar ilk on lists such as ours.
They are not interested in learning. That is why they go for power.
They became more power hungry by the day. Only yesterday RM
exclaimed at the Word Summit for Sustainable Development
-- "Zimbabwe is mine".

With care and best wishes


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