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Date: 09/04/02

Replying to LO29086 --

Standards Australia International is an Australian Government statutory
authority concerned with development of industry standards, It is similar
to the American National Standards Institute or the British Standards
Institute and those in many other countries.

Australian Standards are based on consensus and are the basis for much
legislation. They are usually applied on a voluntary basis in industry.

They become law when called up in contracts etc., most legislation doesn't
refer directl;y to the standards by title.

Standards Australia International represents the interests of the
Australian public at the International Standards Organisation.

You will of course know the role of ISO standards in global trade.

I suggest the quickest way to implement major change in industry globally,
is through the national and international standards. They are open to
comment by individuals.

The new KM standard should have a dramatic effect in Australia.

It is of note that AS4360-Risk Management , published in 1997 is the first
such standard in the world, and has been adopted by the British National
Health Service as a basis for its management systems.

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Best Regards,
Alan Cotterell


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