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From: Barry Mallis (
Date: 09/06/02

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I'm not certain what you mean. But I will offer what may be a variant, a
network map of individuals and influence.

Having identified in an influence grid the key individuals whose
perspectives/input for a project are vital, and having noted those people
over whom you have low influence, but high dependency, do as follows:

Imagine a large sheet of paper on the wall, at the center of which is a
circle entitled "ME".

 1. Create a name circle for individuals from the influence grid and
anyone else who needs to be involved in any way.

 2. Draw dotted arrows to identify all influence relationships

 3. Draw solid arrows to identify your dependencies

 4. Place an asterisk on the circled individuals

On a 2x2 grid you can establish for the people identified roles as
soldiers, collaborators, gatekeepers, and outsiders.

By identifying the individuals, then sorting their needs and concerns, a
4W + H chart can be created for action planning (What, Who, Where, by When
and How).

I'm quite certain there are quite a few variations on this theme. What I
have described was created by the Center for Quality of Management, for
whom I facilitate a two-day program called Leading Without Authority.

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