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From: Terje A. Tonsberg (
Date: 09/07/02

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Greetings At and group,

At said:

> Rule 3.
> "Measure the time it takes employees to master their
> learning. In Breakaway, Fred explains how to calculate a
> proficiency rate and how to map a proficiency curve that
> compares the number of service units required to reach
> the proficiency threshold ..."

> I also get the impression that there is some correspondence between
> Fred's "speed learning" and the "celeration learning" of Precision
> Teaching which Terje Tonsberg recentlly informed us about. It should
> be nice to hear his comments.

My comment:

At, thank you for the invitation. This is my feeling as well. Yet another
mangement book with rebundled old news... The speed (rate) is "fluency" in
Precision Teaching (PT.) The number of trials to get to fluency is what is
called "celeration" in PT. I.e. the rate of change in fluency over time.
It has been around for several decades, also in corporate training and
performance improvement.



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