Who leads an anarchy? LO29170

From: Rick Parkany (rparkany@borg.com)
Date: 09/12/02

Replying to LO29164 --

Thank you, Alan <sniff>, for this rememberance... it's part of what was
sidestepped by an appeal to ROL in the discourse, albeit w/such dire
immediate concern by our dear correspondent from SAfrica, rather than to
these other, deeper issues of the human condition... ;-} rap.

Alan Cotterell wrote:

> Dear Jan, As a manager I always made sure my 'subordinates' had sufficient
> information to self-manage their work situation. That's not to say I
> wouldn't immediately take control in an emergency (you don't do TQM with
> your emergency services).
> The big secret is to be proactive, and plan for crises, not manage on an
> ad hoc/crisis management basis.
> Incidently, the 'siege of Sidney Street' occurred in London in about
> 1911(?), when 'anarchists' were surrounded in a building by police under
> the control of Winston Churchill. The police set fire to the building to
> flush them out. Several were killed. It was a reaction of the British
> establishment to a revolutionary group.


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