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From: Mike Jay (coach@leadwise.com)
Date: 09/16/02

Replying to LO29174 --

At said:

>But since a talent cannot be excercised without thinking, it also
>involves the whole of the spirit.


Actually, brain research has shown that our "processes"--assuming
processes to be systems which include input, throughput, output and
feedback--CAN operate without thinking (about them) and MOST of them do
"implicitly." My information (as I am not a brain researcher) comes from
a book I highly recommend by Joseph LeDoux, called Synaptic Substrates:
How Our Brains Become who we are. It is a follow-on to the Emotional
Brain, which LeDoux wrote in 97.

What he says is that we have a high road and a low road, the low road
being perceptive only through the thalamic cortex (oversimplifying here)
direct into the various systems (limbic) connected to the amygdale--this
happens in 15 milliseconds, or so they say. Seems to me that is pretty

Anyway, the reason for bringing it up is to say that talent is often
driven by those implicit systems that may be wired in as a convergence
between nature and nurture, or what they (brain people) refer to as
selection and activity. A talent as identified through Gallup's work
(www.strengthfinder.com) as a strength conforms to the "natural" operating
system that is wired "fast" and may in MY hypothesis be so fast because it
doesn't require thinking (routing)--i.e.. consideration as in the high

High Road = perception being wired through the neocortex where thinking
engages consciously/unconsciously (oversimplified).

Regarding character if I may...Stephen Covey once said something that
always comes up for me when I try to define character for
myself...something to the effect..."character is what is in place when the
emotion that created the commitment is no longer present." Or something
like that.


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PS: BTW, I ran across an interview with LeDoux on NPR:

>The following I say with great respect to those involved. If some fellow
>learner doubt this that talent has to with the whole of body and mind,
>please go to an instution for the seriously mental disabled people. I
>have done it at an institution for the worst cases and i think i could
>not have cried more, even for the death of beloved ones. Not single
>patient in that insitution have a single talent.


"Mike Jay" <coach@leadwise.com>

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