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From: Richard Karash (
Date: 09/22/02

Dear Friends --

I wanted you to know about an upcoming public-enrollment course
"Organizational Learning Core Competency Program for Learning Leaders."

The course provides an introduction to the core competencies of a learning
organization: Personal Mastery & Visioning, Team Learning, Mental Models,
Systems Thinking, and Dialogue. We have drawn on our experience leading
the Society for Organizational Learning Core Competencies Course in
creating this shortened three-day program.

This is an open enrollment program of the Graduate School, USDA, and is
intended to fit the economics and expense reimbursement policies of
government agencies (and anyone else in these economic times!). The costs
are moderate ($1750 program and $142/day room and meals). Our venue is
the historic Tidewater Inn in the very nice town of Easton, Maryland,
about one-hour east of Baltimore or Washington, DC.

Although created for government employees at federal, state, and local
levels, it is open to anyone and suitable for people in all kinds of

Dates: Program begins 4:00pm, Tuesday, October 29, and ends at 4:00pm on
Friday Nov. 1, 2002.

I'll be facilitating this program with my colleague Beth Jandernoa, one of
the real leaders in this field. Beth has taught the widely recognized
Leadership and Mastery course for many years, and is one of my favorite
teaching partners!

I am often asked, "How can I take one of your courses?" and I have
difficulty answering because most of my work is private, in-house
programs. This one will run three times a year and is open for public

Course information and registration is on the web at: --and--

(Note: You should be able to just click the link above, but if you have to
type, note that the URL is case-sensitive.)

If you have any questions about the program and it's suitability for you,
please contact me directly

   -=- Rick

p.s. I'll write separately about another November course... "Systems Thinking"

p.p.s. Please pass this note along to anyone you think would be
interested. Thanks.


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