I think Group Think LO29224

From: Alan Cotterell (acotrel@cnl.com.au)
Date: 09/23/02

Replying to LO29223 --

Dear All,

I suppose I sound cynical about 'Group Think'. I really believe in team
based problem solving and continual imptovement. However the whole thing
relies on the level of genuiness in the organisation.

When leaders intentionally manipulate the group, 'Group Think' is simply
banal. Young people in particiular believe they are 'going to get ahead',
by currying favour, this can shape their input to the group. If agreeing
with the leader (manager), seems the best way to increase their pay check,
that's what they'll do.

Some time I'll give you an explicit example of this which I personally
experienced during my working life. It's not vey nice.

Best Regards,
Alan Cotterell


"Alan Cotterell" <acotrel@cnl.com.au>

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