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Date: 10/04/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Rick Karash <> writes:

>I've done a little more research on this... it is
>the W32/Bugbear@MM virus.


For information about this virus, see


>This is a new and dangerous virus which has appeared
>in the past few days.


>The virus also propagates through network shares. It has
>a keyboard listening feature designed to capture passwords,
>account numbers, etc. The descriptions are scary enough
>that I wonder if this virus was created by someone with
>resources behind them, not a lone hacker in a closet!

Greetings dear Rick,

Thank you for the timely warning as well as the care which you take to
keep LO messages clean.

I had a look at McAfee's detailed information and got the shivers. This
virus had been designed to close down almost a hundred of the major and
foremost security programs (against virusses and worms) possible! In other
words, it is analogous to the AIDS virus of the world of human bodies, but
it functions in cyberworld.

I think you are right that this virus had been programmed by some party
having not only enough resources, but also a diabolic plan in mind. The
virus seems to have originated in Malaysia, but it could have been
programmed anywhere in the world, even the USA. If i wanted to get fast
control of the market for OSs (Operating Systems) with a new one, even if
i would have had a major share of the market, i cannot think of a better
way to do it.

>These viruses and spam are a real threat to practical use
>of email and mailing lists like ours!
>Update your virus protection!

I agree. Please be cautious.

With care and best wishes,


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